Living a life of simplicity & beauty from the inside out!



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Pure Simple Change
Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching; Louis Vaccaro Photography

Hello! I'm Sarah Creek! I am married to Hamish, and I am the blessed Maman to Evan & Brandon. We love spending time together as a family and creating memories along the way.  

I love bringing sparkling inspiration and become excited with fresh possibilities! I am passionate, organized, creative, faithful. I can often be found sipping coffee, cooking, people gathering and feeding, gardening and journaling. I have a ridiculously loud cheer when I watch my boys play basketball, a contagious laugh and a need for beauty.


I love and appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life: life with my husband, watching my children grow, the smell of coffee first thing in the morning, big blue skies, watching birds at the feeder, afternoons at home with my family, snow capped mountains. 


 I am a Certified Professional Coach (accredited member of ICF), Certified Interior Decorator & a Certified Early Childhood Educator.

Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change


- M y   V a l u e s -

Pure Simple Change


I believe that true transformation happens from the inside out.

We can only reflect on the outside that which is on the inside. Therefore, I believe in a wholeness approach where your heart, mind & soul are considered.

Truth & One-of-a-Kind Design

I believe in digging for the gold placed inside each person & honoring their uniqueness. 


Your brand of unique is perfect.


Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching
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About the Golden Key as a logo

The golden key enables the holder to discover something of great value to her, the key to her life. The golden key can open any door she chooses since it's keyed specifically for the locks of her heart, mind & soul. Each golden key is one-of-a-kind, just like its holder.  

Through Simplicity Life Coaching, you discover your key & unlock your greatness!