Living a life of simplicity & beauty from the inside out!



- A b o u t   M e -

Pure Simple Change
Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching; Louis Vaccaro Photography

Hello! I'm Sarah Creek! I am married to Hamish, and I am the blessed Maman to Evan & Brandon. We love spending time together as a family and creating memories along the way.  

I love bringing sparkling inspiration and become excited with fresh possibilities! I am passionate, organized, creative, faithful. I can often be found sipping coffee, cooking, people gathering and feeding, gardening and journaling. I have a ridiculously loud cheer when I watch my boys play basketball, a contagious laugh and a need for beauty.


I love and appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life: life with my husband, watching my children grow, the smell of coffee first thing in the morning, big blue skies, watching birds at the feeder, afternoons at home with my family, snow capped mountains. 


I live a life of simplicity by choosing each day to be who I am created to be, doing what I love to do! I am a Certified Professional Coach (accredited member of ICF) & Certified Interior Decorator (accredited member of DDA).

Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change


- M y   V a l u e s -

Pure Simple Change


I believe that true transformation happens from the inside out.

We can only reflect on the outside that which is on the inside. Therefore, I believe in a wholeness approach where your heart, mind & soul are considered.

Truth & One-of-a-Kind Design

I believe in digging for the gold placed inside each person & honoring their uniqueness. 


Your brand of unique is perfect.


Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching
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About the Golden Key as a logo

The golden key enables the holder to discover something of great value to her, the key to her life. The golden key can open any door she chooses since it's keyed specifically for the locks of her heart, mind & soul. Each golden key is one-of-a-kind, just like its holder.  

Through Simplicity Life Coaching, you discover your key & unlock your greatness!



- M y   S t y l e -

Pure Simple Change

I coach from the heart and invite you to look at the heart of the topics you bring to our conversations. I favour a coaching style that is simple, deep and transformational. I am warm, supportive, flexible, encouraging, and thought provoking. My services combine ethical practices to the ICF Code of Ethics, as well as my personal authentic and genuine style.

I come along side you as you learn to stand confidently for who you are and discover how you can express your unique purpose in your life & in your home! I honour your one-of-a-kind design and find great joy in being part of the profound change, learning and growing that the coaching process offers.

Some clients choose to include spiritual care as part of their life coaching journey, some don't. For those who do, my spiritual practices and beliefs are rooted in Christian teaching and faith, although I welcome people of all faith backgrounds. It is my most sincere desire that through my services, you will be blessed!



- M y   S t o r y -

Pure Simple Change
Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching; Louis Vaccaro Photography

I have always enjoyed and valued a simple, quiet life with my family, free of too much "stuff".

Although this has always been my truest, deepest self, I didn't always live this way. 

I would strive to live in alignment with who I was created to be, which is living from the inside out. I often felt I had to "justify" who I was, what was important to me, what was "right" for me. There were seasons in my life where I made choices to please others, choices that I thought I "should" make. I knew deep down that these choices did not line up with the voice of truth within me.  


I had fallen in the trap of looking outside of who I was created to be.

I had valued others' opinions, succumbed to their expectations; or thought that maybe because "something" worked for someone else, it would work for me.  I tried perfection... I was bothered if I disappointed others... At times, I ignored my values and beliefs, and those decisions led me further and further from who God made me to be. I knew it, in my spirit, but I felt trapped, felt I had no choice.

Obviously, I was listening to the wrong voice. The voice of truth inside me was the one telling me who I was created to be: powerful, free, creative, beautiful, loved, faithful, brave, resourceful. 

I had greatness inside me, waiting to be unlocked and expressed!

I wondered if others felt this way. I noticed while doing my work as an Interior Decorator that helping a client in their physical space was not enough at times. For some clients, an "inside" change was needed in order for them to achieve the "outside" change they were looking for. This lead me to focus my services on Life Coaching. 

I want to support women to open the doors of opportunities & possibilities in their lives! 

What I love to do most is come alongside women and help them unlock their greatness!