My Approach: "Open Door" Coaching Model & Process. 

Together we find your keys to unlock the greatness in you!



O: objectives


Design a clear objective:

I support you with the belief that you have greatness inside of you. I help you tap into your strengths, gifts, abilities & passions. I help you create your vision and align it with your values & purpose.

P: present reality


I ask powerful questions to help you become aware of where you are at.

I assist you in identifying your obstacles and what is the real coaching issue.


E: explore possibilities


I support you as you open the door of possibilities.

I am a trustworthy sounding board; I provide an honest and objective voice. I come alongside you as you look past your current limitations. I help you find your keys and unlock the greatness in you! I invite you to pursue truth.

N: new steps


I support you in identifying and designing the new steps towards your objective. 

I motivate & challenge you. I help you stay focussed & keep you accountable. I celebrate with you as you open the door to your unique potential.


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I completed my coach training with International Coach Academy (ICA). I give back to ICA by being one of their Graduate Ambassadors'. In this role, I support prospective students by sharing my experience at ICA and my coaching practice.