Christmas Porch Styling & Decorating In a Fresh, New Way!

Christmas Porch Styling & Decorating In a Fresh, New Way!; Pure Simple Change, Simplicity Life Coaching...At Home; Sarah Creek

I get asked this question ALL THE TIME:  

"How do you make "IT" look fresh and new?!" 

If you have asked this question, read on and get inspired!

"IT" refers to a space I envisioned for a client; a table/bookcase I styled, or a room I decorated. Although each space is different, I use some simple tricks which I am sharing here with you, as they apply to most styling and decorating! My hope is that you might be able to use some of these easy pointers to help you decorate and style for Christmas, no matter what your "IT" may be!  

If you look at the images, you will notice the bottom 2 have snow in them! They are from  2015. The image on the bottom right is of my front porch decorated for Christmas 2015. The other 4 images above it feature the same porch and decor elements with the 2016 version, to inspire the "styling and decorating in a fresh, new way!"


Here are my top 3 tried and true tricks to freshen up, decorate or style a space. In this case, the space is my beloved front porch.


I am desperately practical and LOVE creating beauty from simplicity! I am well known for taking an item (piece of furniture, decor item, etc) and reusing it in a fresh, new way! That meets my personal need for freshness, creativity and limiting buying/clutter. What ever you choose to do for styling and decorating should reflect YOU! Not what is trending, or what the neighbours are doing or what you see in a magazine or on a blog post. Use all those fantastic resources as inspirations to come up with something that represents the AWESOMENESS of YOU and your style!


The trick here is to have some simple basic pieces that work with the current space you are wanting to decorate, style, freshen up. I have found, in the 13 years that I have done interior decorating consultations that most clients do indeed have in their home most of what they need.  BUT...! The items are not used in the best space; or not displayed to take advantage of their style, size or purpose. Often, all that is needed is to take those pieces and use them differently, in a new way.  For my porch, I invested in:

All Purpose Furniture Pieces:

  • 1 deacon's bench
  • 2 rocking chairs 
  • 1 side table


  • 1 metal wall hanging
  • 1 lantern
  • pillow shapes (the insides of pillows)

These simple, all purpose items are used year round on my porch, and given a fresh, seasonal make over.


  • 2 potted boxwood trees
  • seasonal pillow covers
  • 2 scarves used as throws
  • berry wreath


  • move the furniture around in the space: same porch, different placement of the bench and table for Christmas 2015 and 2016
  • use the same pillow shapes and recover with seasonal ones.  If you take a good look at my Christmas pillows, you might notice that I used patterned tea towels, red hand towels and old sweaters to make my Christmas pillow covers! 
  • use items with patterns to infuse colour and interest - the plaid "throws" are actually mens' scarves.  I love how the one on the back of the green rocker has a faint green line in its pattern, pulling the chartreuse green from the rocker.
  • repurpose items: the red berry wreath in the bottom right photo was one that I had used both inside and outside. This year, I wasn't ready to throw it out, yet I felt it needed a facelift!  I used left over decor from an indoor project and infused the berry wreath with fresh interest by simply poking in some wintery branches.  I then hung the wreath over my metal frame (which stays up all year round), and voila, I had a focal point to the left of my front door (see top 3 photos).

My most satisfying work has not been where all new items were purchased by a client after an interior decorating consultation. Sure, sometimes a little something new is needed, and goes a long way. My best work has been where I am invited into a space because the client wants a "make over", a fresh look, an update. And they don't want to break the bank doing it! Although my consultations do involve new paint colours and recommendations for upgrading some items when needed, a lot of it focusses on who my client is in their home. Once I get a sense of who they are, then I am able to help them come up with a plan where they use their resources (items they already have) to create "the new" that they are looking for in a simple, fresh new way!

Happy styling and decorating!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change