Driven By Identity

Driven By Identity; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

Who is this woman?

She is a powerful, visionary woman who fully lived, till she was 99 years and 10 months old!

She is a woman of noble character, worth far more than rubies.

She is faithful and trustworthy.

She is diligent, creative and hard working.

She is generous, kind and helpful to others.

She is wise and resourceful.

She is joyous.

She is clothed with strength and dignity. 


She is the example of a woman who lived driven by her identity. She knew who she was, whose she was, and what she was created for. 

She is my beloved Nonna.

What would it be like to live your life driven by your identity? To live peacefully assured that you are accepted, secure and significant? What would your life and legacy look like if you lived this way?  


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change