Simplicity and Beauty

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My husband and I recently both lost our fathers, and it completely shook my world. It caused me to take a step back and assess where I was in life; a very difficult process, if I may add.

When our family went through these losses, I was reminded of how much our living spaces reflect our inner self and core. What we love and value, how we spend our time, our state of mind, our personal preferences. And how all that can get very cluttered...


When Dad died last fall, our family had one week to completely empty his house in order to sell it. For that week, all we did was go through "stuff"-keep any essential or sentimental items and discard the rest. There was no time to reminisce, process his death, or go down memory lane while holding family items. No time at all.  


We were on a mission: EMPTY.  THE.  HOUSE. When I got back home, the weight of what had taken place fell heavily on my shoulders. I was vacuuming furiously one morning, angry. So angry about it all.  And I had an epiphany: for all these years, Dad had collected items and looked after them in homes we "lived" in.  And just like that, in less than 7 days, all that was donated. Gone. 


What were we left with?

Well, what I was left with is this deep belief, conviction and truth that I want a simple, full, intentional and abundant life.

I want to live in a beautiful space that fuels my passion for life and inspires the same conviction for all those who come through my doors.

I want the freedom to enjoy life and not be burdened with "stuff" that really does not matter. I want room for what I love in my home and in my life.


This business is my commitment to that lifestyle- to simplicity and beauty, the two fundamental starting blocks of great design.  I hope to inspire others to make a change in their souls and in their hearts, because truly, simplicity and beauty start from the inside out.


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change