Fresh in Split Pea


One of my favorite things to do is, and has always been, to take something "blah" and make it stunning with minimal work and cost. I don't see things for what they are; I see things for what they can be, after I leave my mark on them. I wanted a straight high back rocking chair for my covered porch. I was unwilling to pay a fortune for a chair I was planning on refinishing.  I also did not want a chair that was already redone. So I waited. I have learned, through painful life lessons, that patience is indeed a virtue, and that awesome things do come to those who wait. So I waited, and kept looking for a cheap, used rocker that I could refinish. And I found it! This cracker barrel chair was in mint condition, and had belonged to a seasoned teacher. Countless students had rocked in that chair with their teacher as she read to them. The first thing she asked me when I went to pick up the chair was, "what was I planning on doing while sitting in it?" I replied that I planned on journalling and reading on my covered porch, sipping on a strong coffee while watching my boys play basketball.  "Sold!", she answered, as her face wrinkled with a smile.

I began by selecting some options of paint color for this chair. I received lots of opinions from all who saw the paint chips flapping in the wind on the back of my chair. I finally nailed it down to Benjamin Moore "Split Pea" # 2146-30 (which I purchased at Airdrie Paint and Decor). I wanted something warm, inviting, fun, and yet a color that would tie in with what I already had on the porch. Lastly, I needed a color that would look great in all seasons - with fall, Christmas, and spring decor alike, since my porch gets seasonal makeovers! 

One thing I noticed after I made my color decision, was that the chip for Split Pea is the one that I had placed in the middle. And even a little higher than the others. Subconsciously, as I was flipping through tons of paint chips, I had already selected this one. Note to self: don't second guess what first attracts your attention.  

I then sanded the chair, as it had been varnished, and wiped it all down. I taped off the straw edges in order to do a tidy paint job. My eldest son Evan became intrigued with this project, and gave me a hand with painting. If you have ever used Benjamin Moore paints, you will know that they are known for their color precision and accuracy, and for their texture (amongst other great things!) This exterior paint had a thicker and smoother consistency, and "levelled" as it was applied. I was thrilled to be able to allow Evan to help and have the confidence that my chair was not going to be covered in drips from a liquidy paint!

We applied 2 coats of paint, and are so pleased with the results!  What will you freshen up in split pea?!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change