My Favourite Kijiji Find

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I have always loved the thrill of "the find" when I am looking for a specific item for my home.  I enjoy looking high and low for the "just right" item!   When we moved into our current house 2 years ago, I was hunting for a "something" with specific measurements that would double as a storage unit for tableware linens, and would serve as a bar in my dining area.  As I am hopelessly practical, there was no way that I would consider buying something new.  I was looking for a piece of furniture that I could also test some paint on.  You see, our "diamond in the rough" of a home meant oak.  Lots and lots of oak.  Everywhere.  But it also meant trees and perennial gardens and cul de sac, which sold us on this home.  I had heard of this fantastic paint by Benjamin Moore (the only paint I use and purchase from Airdrie Paint and Decor) called "Advance".  This paint is designed for cabinetry - you see where this is going... cover-the-oak-cabinets-with-paint!!!  I used the Advance Paint in White Down OC-131 on this beautiful dresser that I scored for $60 on Kijiji!  The end result is stunning on the dresser! The paint worked so well, that my loving husband painted all of my kitchen cabinets in the same antique white.  This dresser is by far my favourite Kijiji find.  For now!


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