Simple Storage Solutions For Any Family


Organization is key to a simple life because having less clutter means that you have more room in your life and in your space for what matters most to you. I would say that I have always been an organizer by nature. I have a tendency to organize spaces before I can function in them. I found that living with 3 boys - a hubby and 2 kids - has required the use of EASY and creative clutter buster systems in order for them to be used.

Here are my 3 go to items that provide clutter buster solutions:

1. Use baskets galore


Baskets are inexpensive, come in every texture, material, colour and size. They can be used again and again and can corral just about anything. In my home, the gold metal ones hold shoes at the back door; the wicker ones hold power bars and electrical cords that are very unsightly in my office; the woven basket on the right will hold throws either in my living room or on the back deck. Use baskets for shoes, toys, hats/gloves, etc.  


2. Use trays - for everything


Trays are like baskets - they come in every shape, size, finish. I use the 2 trays on the left (one in the other) on my desk. The bottom tray holds things "to do". The top one holds current projects. This helps me stay organized with daily tasks and my work space is not cluttered. Keep a clear work surface and see how much more productive you are! Using 2 trays of the same size allows you to stack them, without taking more room, or adding more items on a work space.


3. Use creative and unconventional storage


One does not need to invest in expensive things to get organized.  Use what you have, be creative and practical. I happen to have a love of antiques but refuse to have anything in my home that I cannot use. This "pirate chest", as my boys call it, sits in my office and serves as my filing cabinet! For simplicity, I am in the process of going paperless. Until I fully achieve this goal, this chest hold my files. Once it's closed, all we see is a beautiful antique with an international story. Once opened, it is a mini office!  


4. Use labels


My home does not have a walk in pantry; instead, it has this pantry with pull out drawers. Have you ever been in a child's learning space?  If you have, you will recall that there are labels for everything!  Having worked in learning spaces for children from pre-school to school ages, I can attest that labels work!  Clearly defined and labeled bins/jars/trays, etc allow little people (and big people) to find everything they need, be independent and put items back where they belong.



Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change