My Diamond In The Rough - seeing is believing


Diamond in the rough.... Never judge a book by it's cover or refuse to buy a home because it looks rough around the edges. Under the surface, a diamond in the rough is beautiful, strong and unique.

It just takes the right eyes to see its inner beauty.

My love for older homes started when I was quite young. I grew up in a new suburb of Montreal, and went to school downtown. My private school was located in an older part of town, surrounded by big trees, unique and quaint homes and such character. Quite the contrast with my new suburb family home...  

Naturally, the first home I bought with my husband was a character home in Victoria, BC. It had good bones, a great story and was definitely a diamond in the rough. We took her down to the studs, keeping the coved ceilings, the plastered walls and the glass doorknobs. Hamish and I could see such potential in that house, and by the time we sold it, we had brought her back to life.

When Hamish got transferred to Calgary 3 years ago, and we began our house search, older Calgary neighbourhoods pulled at my heart strings. However, we decided that Airdrie was the best community to settle our little family. And that's when my year and a half long search for a diamond in the rough began, with the help of our faithful and patient realtors, Dan and Chez PetersBeing such a new community, Airdrie has very few "older" homes.  We were blessed to find this one in a perfect location!

Diamonds in the rough come in every shape and form. One just has to adjust their eyes to see the beauty that lies under cover. Being an interior decorator who loves unique things, I enjoy (and need to!) put my personal touch in a space.  

In this home, most of what we have done has been at minimal cost. Home improvements are a process, so we are not yet done, as you can see with the upper windows trim that still needs painting! But we are well on our way to transforming our diamond in the rough into something beautiful!

Sometimes, what you simply need is a fresh pair of eyes to bring newness, perspective, vision!


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