The 3 Very Best Things To Declutter Today

The 3 Very Best Things To Declutter Today; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

All of us have been given the same gift: this life.  How we choose to live today will determine our tomorrow. What we fill it with will determine our destination.

We are all on a journey, with a path straight in front of us. Perhaps your path is clear of obstacles; perhaps it is ambushed with hurdles.  But the path is right there, just the same. Inviting you to greatness, fullness, beauty and simplicity. I have found that there are certain things that hinder my walk on the path to an intentional full life. These are things I carry, in my heart or on my shoulders and they prevent me from running on the path. They cause me to sit in stagnation, in exhaustion. They keep me from my goal of living an intentional life of simplicity and beauty.


Here are the 3 very best things to declutter today:

1. Material possessions

Don't use it; don't need it; never wanted it; don't have room for it; shouldn't have bought it; can't afford it; don't even like it or wear it... Be ruthless and get rid of it! Why be surrounded with things that don't line up with what I value the most? I don't want to be held back by "stuff". My eyes on are on the prize of abundance in life!

2. Time commitments

If you have ever asked something of me, you might have received my staple answer: "I am not sure.... I will check with Hamish". This is not because I have a controlling husband or am unable to make a decision.  Quite the contrary! It is because my Heavenly Father has blessed me with a wonderful husband who supports my well being.  My staple answer gives me the time to think things through, and more often then not, to talk it out with Hamish, who is my wise sounding board. Before we make any time commitments, whether for work, school, extra curricular activities, etc, we consider the following:

a) Does this time commitment request line up with our values? If no, then the answer is a definite no! If yes, then we move on to the next question.

b) What will this cost me? Giving of our time to others is a very worthy cause, because we are indeed called to be generous. For years, I made the mistake of forgetting myself in this equation. My first commitment is to God as a daughter; then a wife to Hamish and a maman to Evan and Brandon. Then, others.... No matter how important an event may be. There will always be requests for time commitments; choose wisely and when it doubt, keep it simple and say no!

3. Invaders

What are invaders, you ask? Well, they are things that invade my mind, my heart, my body. I have always said to my kids: "can't read it?, don't eat it!". Additives, sugar, food coloring, negative comments, doubt, shame, condemnation, guilt... Those are all invaders that need to be decluttered daily in order to have room in our life for wholeness, health, fullness, beauty, greatness.

As you stand in front of the beautiful path that has been planned for you, do stop and make the brave choice to simplify and declutter. You never know what is around the bend!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change