In The Gloaming - simple pleasures


The gloaming has always been my favorite time of the day. Although I love the beauty of a morning sunrise, I favour the peace of the gloaming. The same way I start my day with a quiet time, often catching the morning sun, I try to pause to catch the gloaming, even if it's just for a brief moment. We are blessed to have a home where in the summers, the gloaming can be enjoyed from our back deck. And in the winter, the gloaming brings the most colourful of shows as the sun sets behind the powerful Rocky Mountains which we can enjoy from our living room bay window.

This simple pleasure became part of my daily routine years ago, when I had spent some summers at a cottage on a lake, in Ontario. It then became a sacred time to sit, snuggled in a blanket on the dock, and watch the show God was putting on at the end of a full day.  

I always feel such peace and hope as I watch the colours of the sky change in the gloaming.  Time seems to stand still and it always reminds me to appreciate the simple pleasures in life. Simple things like morning coffee in my favorite mug; holding my husband's hand on a walk; watching my boys laugh; spying on a blue jay at the feeder; watering my garden; sitting in the gloaming. 

What simple pleasure will you appreciate today?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change