Abundance - simple you in 3 easy steps

Abundance- simple you in 3 easy steps; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

When I think of abundance, many things come to mind. One of them, is the bounty that we find each summer in the fields of the Okanagan orchards. Since abundance is described as a large quantity of something, one might think that this concept is not for the simple life. It's quite the contrary!  

Abundance has everything to do with simplicity!


Simplicity and beauty start from the inside out. Therefore, abundance starts at your core: what you believe, what you value, how you spend your time and money. The concept of simplicity applies not only to material things and time commitments, it applies to YOU, to who you were created to be.

Sometimes, decluttering our insides is more important than decluttering our spaces.

Abundance and simplicity are a journey where we learn to sift through what is, keep the good and discard the excess that we picked up along the way.  

1. Consider what you believe about yourself - authenticity

Who are you listening to?  Are they speaking truth?  More often then not, the voices around us drown out the voice of truth.  Listen for it, follow it, and discard the others.

2. Consider what you believe about others - past ghosts

We have all had experiences that mark us, for the better, or for worse.  Even when a hurt is healed, and a wound is sealed with new skin, the scar remains.  As evidence of the battle.  To position yourself to receive and experience abundance, you have to put on new glasses to look at others with fresh eyes, not with eyes that see a ghost of the past.  There is value in people.

3. Consider what you see - perspective

As an interior decorator, I am often called in by a client because they need perspective.  They are looking at a space with their eyes, and how it is is all they see.  I use my trained eye to envision the whole picture for a space in a new and creative way.  I come up with unique ideas that allow form and function to work harmoniously in a space.  The information I offer my clients provides them with perspective, new vision and hope.  In life, we are not privied to the whole picture.  Therefore, we need to adjust our perspective as events unfold every day in our lives.  So that don't miss the masterpiece of the whole picture. Perspective changes everything.

How will you position yourself to simply experience abundance?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change