Creek Kitchens


Creek Kitchens started quite a few years ago when I stumbled upon the concept of "underground restaurants". My sister Claudia, who lives in Vancouver, has a friend who runs a very successful underground restaurant. When I first heard of this concept, I wondered if this was legal! It sounded a little...suspicious!  

It turns out that many cities have underground restaurants. They are closed doors restaurants that are operated out of the owners' home and people can find out about them through word of mouth. I loved that concept and decided to call my dinner parties "Creek Kitchens". I don't operate an underground restaurant, and probably never will! But the thought of hosting friends, in my home, and giving it a name, made it somehow more exciting!

Underground restaurants are very quaint, very small. You instantly feel special when you are hosted there, because you are in someone's home and they are cooking for you! It's very private, intimate, warm, simply but beautifully decorated and the whole experience makes you feel full in more than one way! But here is the key: folks who operate underground restaurants LOVE people and they LOVE food! And this is what comes through in their dishes. I place a very high value on family meals, whether it's just my little family, or a gathering at Creek Kitchens.

The key is simply celebrating loving connections over yummy food!

The dishes in the pictures were prepared by me and some dear friends for a "tapas evening" at Creek Kitchens!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change