Falling For Change


Fall...  Season of change; opportunity for a fresh start; time for new colours and textures; exploration down a fresh and unfamiliar path.

Some (like myself) absolutely love and welcome change, of any sort!  Others (like my husband), could go their whole life without much change.

Change is necessary when pursuing simplicity and beauty in our life and in our home

We always need to be moving forward, growing and improving, learning new things and new ways. Life is a journey, not a stagnant stop. We are called to move forward, advance and grow!

Here are 3 convincing reasons why change is motivating and worth embracing:

1. Change breathes freshness

Freshness is exhaled with change, whether in your life or in your home. It will take the form of progress, opportunity, renewal, new vision and renewed enjoyment.

2. Change unleashes creativity

Creativity is in everyone.  It manifests itself in very individual ways, but it's there just the same. Change gives creativity the opportunity to be unleashed, celebrated and used in new, exciting ways.  

3. Change brings you back to what you truly value

It is easy to allow clutter in our life and in our home.  Change provides the opportunity to return to your true self, your core values and what matters most to you This results in growth in the areas of courage and strength and frees you to live a full, intentional and abundant life!

Now that you are convinced that change is motivating, how will you embrace this change in season?  


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change