Insides Are My Business

Insides Are My Business; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

One of the most influential speeches I have EVER heard was Steve Job's Stanford Commencement Address (have a listen here ).  The gist of his speech was that each experience in our life is like a dot.  In each person's life, and all of a sudden, the dots connect- All. The. Dots! The beautiful ones, the painful ones, the awe inspiring ones. Typically, as "the dot" is created, we don't always realize how this experience will ever make sense, or connect to anything else.  

And yet when we look back, in faith, we see how all the dots connect so very beautifully.


I have many dots on my canvas, and lately it has become apparent that they are indeed connected - what a relief!   The deaths of both my father and my father-in-law last fall turned out to be agents of change for me. Those dots gave me the opportunity to focus on what I love. And what I love are insides. Insides are my business.

I have a passion for creating beautiful, comfortable and welcoming spaces (the inside of a home).

I also have an even greater passion and love for people's hearts and souls (the inside of a person).

I believe that one influences the other; they go hand in hand. How you live, design, decorate and what you fill your life with is indeed a reflection of your inner self - what you believe and value, what is most important to you; your priorities.  

In my business, I work hard to help people intentionally fill their living spaces with beauty, meaning and function; that is, after all, the role of a good interior decorator. But, my heart's deepest desire is to help them discover that simplicity starts from the inside out.

Simplicity as a lifestyle starts in your soul and your heart, not in decluttering your space (although sometimes that's how we get there!). When we look deep inside ourselves, and begin to understand the beauty there, all that is on the outside (our homes included) will reflect that.

As a mother, I often say to my boys to apply themselves and do "their very best" at what ever it is they are doing.  Not to DO more, but do LESS, very, very well.  I must apply this principle to my own life and business. It is impossible for me to do what I do very, very well, without working with a WHOLE person- the heart and soul behind the space. Simplicity and Beauty are the fundamental starting blocks of great design AND of wholesome, healthful living. I am thrilled to be adding one more dot to my story as I complete my accreditation as a Certified Professional Life Coach, so that I can focus more completely from the inside, out!


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