Garden Weeds

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How can it be that this beautiful, mystical plant is actually a weed, hoping a little person will blow its seeds all over the garden?!

Has this weed ever infested your garden? 

Just recently, I discovered a nasty weed in my garden. My weed was producing fruits like anxiety, stress, worry. If I was honest, I would even say that my weed was so scary that I would worry that its seeds would blow into my childrens' gardens. This thing had to go... Funny enough, I had never planted its seed; someone else had blown it into the garden of my soul when I was just an innocent little girl. Someone with enough influence in my life that I thought that their teaching was true...

I was mistaking a weed for a flower.


The thing about my soul

My soul is like a garden bed; the type of seed planted there will determine what grows. When truths are planted, beautiful things grow. When weeds are planted, nasty weeds grow. It's that simple. Really?!

I was confused and upset to discover the nasty weed, since I am so very careful about what I feed my heart/mind/soul. Thanks to trusted friends, the revelation came to me: since the weeds had been growing in my garden bed for a very long time, they were growing amongst my flowers, and I didn't recognize them as weeds. By the time I became aware of their presence, my soul was hurting.

4 keys I have found to simply feed my soul

1. Get in the garden & have an honest look

I didn't like the fruits of my weed plant. As it didn't align with truth, I realized it was a weed and it needed to be uprooted. That took great courage and bravery. I'm not bragging, I am just sharing how hard this was for me. Maybe you can relate: you have faced adversity in this area before. You have worked at it, pulled the weeds out and they keep growing back.... The choice was mine. I chose to get in my garden and have an honest look. Pretending that the prickly weed was not there was only going to cause more weed seeds to be blown into my garden bed and the gardens of those closest to me, like my husband and kids.  

It's in me to be brave; so I had to rise up and face the weeds!

2. Find a tribe of weed whackers

I would not say that I am arrogant, but I am a straight shooter and say things like they are. We all have weeds in our gardens because we are all human. Some weed seeds we plant, and some get blown into our gardens. It actually doesn't matter how they got there, it matters that we uproot them and replace them with the truth. So if you find yourself surrounded by folks who claim they don't have weeds, find yourself another patch of grass. Literally. A healthy tribe of honest friends pointing you to the truth and ready to weed whack with you is essential to feeding your soul. You are not alone, don't buy that lie. Not for a minute.

There is strength in connection & community.

3.  Feed my truth plants

Once a weed is uprooted and replaced with the truth, the new truth plant can grow. It needs daily nurturing, watering and care in order to grow. This requires an intention to be whole and a determination to no longer be infested by a lie (weed). Knowing my intent allows me to discover the motivation behind my actions. I have discovered that self care is essential to my well being and my ability to love and be loved.  I used to think that self care was for those who were really unwell.

Actually, self care is for all who have a soul.

4.  Open the door to a new reality

My lie had taught me that I better look after myself because no one else will; some people simply couldn't be counted on. Just being real here.  I was 3 when this became a way of thinking for me. For 40 years, my weed grew and spread more seeds and choked out the truth. This was all very subconscious until the fruits of this lie were overbearing and I chose to be brave and weed whack.  

Since I have uprooted my weed, a new reality has come in like a breath of fresh air. We can't let go of a belief till we replace it with another. By simplifying the type of plant growing in my garden, I opened the door to a completely new reality.

My soul is experiencing greater peace, rest and feels so unconditionally loved & looked after.

A healthy and fed soul allows me to love, be loved, create and connect. What do you think of the plants in your garden? What would be different for you if you did some weed whacking?  I'm in the garden, care to join me?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change