Spontaneity: my new friend

Spontaneity: my new friend; Louis Vaccaro Photography.jpg; Pure Simple Change

Spontaneous... A word rarely used to describe how I operated... until now.

Powerful words like "organized", "responsible", "planner" felt more accurate, comfortable ... and safe. The truth was, I was missing a very important element, and God in his goodness and love for me, let me see that this week. When you are committed to growth and transformation, watch out! Things happen when we are open to change. The door of new opportunity and learning flings open, and you are presented with the choice to either remain in the same known hallway, or to go through the open door of unknown possibilities.

I took a new step: I welcomed spontaneity.


I discovered spontaneity requires an engaging of 3 things :


1. The will

Being open to spontaneity involves a conscious decision and voluntary choice to be in the moment and have no expectation of outcome. It requires a simple willingness to engage in the present.

2. The heart

At the heart level, a connection with our deep desires and wants must be made in order to be able to follow our intuition and instincts. Even if something is unplanned, the invitation is there to ask ourselves, "Do I want this?"

3. The faith in the bigger picture

Spontaneity offers growth in a very natural, unplanned and organic way. Often, the most incredibly beautiful things grow out of simple opportunities that seemed "not part of the plan". Growth happens in the most unusual places, if we let it, and if we believe in the bigger picture.


If you are an organized, scheduled and responsible planner, the concept of spontaneity can be foreign, frightening and it can feel like a complete loss of control. I know...! That has been my disposition for many years. Things learned in the past sometimes no longer serve us, and it's time to let them go...

As I am learning to trust more, spontaneity is becoming a new friend. The simplicity of being able to just "be", with open hands and an open heart is a welcome change.

I am learning that surprises are in fact a beautiful thing that I don't want to miss just because they weren't on the agenda.

What about you? What would grow if you let things happen and were more spontaneous?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change

Photo Credit: Louis Vaccaro Photography www.facebook.com/louis.vaccaro.9