The value of authenticity: taking one simple step to being more real

The value of authenticity: taking one simple step to being more real; Louis Vaccaro Photography; Pure Simple Change

As many of you know, I recently lost my beloved dog Tessa. What you may not know was that it was a HUGE step for me to openly share about my real difficulties with this experience. I would have normally kept this level of sharing for my very close circle of people. This time, I could not contain or hide my sadness.

I took a risk: I shared what was really going on.

That was a big risk for me. It no longer mattered that I was seen as someone completely undone by the loss of her pooch. I was being vulnerable.

It didn't matter that I was disheveled; that the neighbourhood kids saw my red poofy eyes and drippy nose; that a kind friend came over to hug me while I was in my jimmy jammies (with no bra... yikes!) and that I was not holding it together. At all. Tessa had left me the choice of opening a beautiful gift: the invitation to take one simple step to being more real.


This step would bring me closer to who I am created to be. 

As I took that simple step to being more real, I discovered that I felt freer and relieved. I felt more open to connections and was able to feel better sooner. I also felt much less afraid. And it felt good to trust my gut with what I needed and reach out.

The open waters of being real are less frightening than the staying on the shore trying to keep it all together.

If you are pursuing the value of authenticity, I invite you to consider 2 things:

1. You can always choose "something" new that will support the growth of this value. Authenticity is in you to grow!

2. The open waters of being real may be deep and wide but you have inside you the greatness needed to navigate them! And you are not alone; not even for one minute.

In order to swim in open waters, you need 2 arms! Therefore, you cannot cling to the shore of what you perceive to be safe and known. You need to let go of the ropes of approval, perfection, judgement, fear...

Use both arms to embrace the love, trust and support that you receive in open waters!

Will you dare to risk and take a simple step towards being more real? It's so freeing, try it!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change

Photo Credit: Louis Vaccaro Photography