A Sparkle In Darkness


"Contrast: the state of being strikingly different from something else."  

Rachel Ann Lacey; Pure Simple Change


I absolutely love contrasts as they enable the most magnificent sights to come to life! The darkness reveals profound and hidden things that would otherwise not be seen in daylight. These glowing lights are a powerful reminder of your unique and beautiful journey ahead! You can perceive them as an invitation to use your intuition, listen to your heart and confidently step unto your illuminated path. 

As you are a visionary woman, you're very familiar with valuing things that cannot be seen or justified. Trust your gut, your authentic self will thank you!

My beautiful friend, may you be reminded that you have a vitality that is all your own! Every glimmer in you is a sparkle that lights something that will impact your world! 

 You are more than just a little brilliant; you are radiant! You are a true inspiration!



Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change