Dishonor vs Simplicity

Dishonor vs Simplicity; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

We all have a need to be honored for our one-of-a-kind design. This is something I am very passionate about.  

To be honored means that you are respected for who you are. This breathes confidence, trust, strength and life into a human being because we celebrate their true identity. We value them for WHO they are, not what they are doing; not how they are performing or conforming. We celebrate their uniqueness; we give space for their greatness to expand on the inside so that they can express it on the outside.

- That is simplicity -


When we are dishonored, we may not realize it at first, but we start to shrink inside. We open the door to fears, to self doubt, to being paralyzed from the inside out. We end up so far from the person we were made to be.  

Let me share a story with you. It's a true story, from one of my lovely clients'. I have her permission to share it, although her identity and details have been changed to respect her privacy. It is a powerful example of what happens to a person who is being dishonored and who chooses simplicity to get back to HER wonderful self.

Emily came to me last fall after selling her business. She had invested all she had in this venture - finances, time, energy, talents, dreams, ambitions. Although selling her boutique was the right decision for her, she walked out of the deal as a very shrivelled up young woman. She looked and sounded like she had been put through the ringer. She knew this was not who she was, and she wanted some coaching to help her get back on track. As I began working with Emily and hearing her stories, my heart ached for her because this was a situation I had experienced and noticed in so many women.

Emily had fallen in the trap of letting others' dictate what was right for her and ignore the voice of truth inside her. Others' expectations of who she "should be" and what she "should be doing" drowned the voice of truth within her.

She had sought much "professional business help" before deciding to sell her business. Advisers, consultants and well intended people had taken swings at Emily with their ideas, thoughts, advice. Because she had been in a vulnerable place, Emily lacked the strength to fight what did not feel right to her. They were the experts, after all... Instead, she implemented their strategies, she tried their solutions, she bought the lies that she did not have inside her what she needed to sort this out. She found herself living from the outside in. Her heart, soul and mind had been depleted. She was tired, drained, discouraged and frustrated. She would often express she felt confused and lost.

As we began to work together, this perspective of "dishonor vs simplicity" became very apparent to me. Emily had been dishonored to her very core and what she was expressing and experiencing was the painful fruit of that.

Emily is a resilient, strong, beautiful, creative and talented woman. She is a fighter and an overcomer. Each week, as I had the privilege of journeying with her, I would notice those STRENGTHS coming out. As she was working through the debris of lies and disempowering beliefs, she found her keys. She was able to identify what was important to her; which strengths and experiences she could draw from. She was able to hear the voice of truth within her once again. She had closed the doors to expectations, perfection, comparison, fear, doubt. She had opened the door to truth, authenticity, clarity and increased confidence. Emily no longer looks to others for what is right for her.  

Because what is right for her is already inside her and she knows it!  

By honoring Emily, she was given the space to remember who she is. She was able to unlock her greatness because she remembered that she is unique! She has something no one else has and she gets to express it and share it! 

Have you ever felt lost, overwhelmed, confused? Has the voice of truth within you been drowned my others' beliefs, thoughts, opinions, expectations and ideas? You are not alone! If you feel that there is no hope, then you are under the influence of a lie. Are you ready to get back to the simplicity of the greatness that has been placed in you? This world needs what you have to offer!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change