He always just held my hand - the gift of being present

He always just held my hand - the gift of being present; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

The first time I met him, he held my hand. During one of my darkest nights, when my Dad died, he held my hand. The last time I saw him, he simply held my hand.

The gift of being fully present is one he freely gave me.

When was the last time someone was there for you, holding your hand and offering their presence to you? Not their eloquent words, not their advice, not their opinions and solutions.  Just their presence. Time stood still because he just held my hand.



So as you face a new day tomorrow, who can you give this gift to? A student, a co-worker, a child, a loved one? Who can you offer your presence to? Will you choose to bless someone simply by being present? Don't wait until you know what to say; don't withhold this gift because you don't have it all together. Offer your best to someone, offer your presence. His presence is a gift I am grateful for each day.


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change