Far From Ordinary

Far From Ordinary; Pure Simple Change; Simplicity Life Coaching; Sarah Creek

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I am SO ordinary"?

I sure have. Too many times. For too long.This is a concept that trips me up and causes me to doubt | stall | stop dead in my tracks.  

It paralyzes me. It prevents me from going where I feel called to go. 


I know that the messages we hear as we are growing up /or the lack of messages produce sentences that replay in our mind. One of mine had to do with being "ordinary". It wouldn't sound like that; it would have a sly deceptive tone to it with messages that would burry the greatness that had been placed in me. And it would leave me feeling soooooo ordinary.  

 A lie can only be counteracted with a truth.

After a great coaching session yesterday, my coach pointed out some things that I saw as "ordinary". As she began to speak, something stirred deep inside me. I hung up from our call, and immediately heard the voice of truth inside my heart, "Sarah, you are FAR from ordinary".  

I had never heard that before, in those words. Funny that the truth came counteracting the EXACT word that would describe that lying, deceiving feeling.

Do you feel "ordinary"? How about "less than"? Or "unimportant"? What would it be like to have truth instead?  What would be different for you?

Knowing that I am far from ordinary gives me the boost of confidence I need to leap and walk through that new open door. What about you?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change