The Gift Of Slow

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This, is Tessa. She is my beloved pooch. She's the first dog I have ever had and I love her to bits. She's my partner in crime, always by my side, eating the crumbs from the Doritos to hide the evidence of a midnight snack. She loves to snuggle and be where I am. She's aging, and is now a 15 year old geriatric Bichon, and she is SLOW.

Really slow. Slow enough on our walks, in fact, that human grannies pass us... Tessa has always been my walking partner and I used to be able to get a good workout from our walks, where she was always a few steps ahead of me.  

These days, our daily walks are at a slug pace, and I cherish them. I have learned a few things on these slow walks, which my power walks prevented me from enjoying.


1. Her slow pace causes me to really be mindful of being in the moment with her and cherish that "one more walk". If you know me, being a planner and being organized is part of who I am. At times, I miss the current moment because I am already in the next one. Tessa's pace is teaching me to enjoy this moment as a gift. Because it truly is.

2. Sometimes, there is so much I take for granted while I motor through things. Yet by slowing down my pace, I notice the warm sun on my face, on this late September afternoon. I also pay attention to the sound of the fountain that is still running in the pond. I notice how the leaves have changed their colours and the contrast with the sky is the perfect opposite on the colour wheel. My eye is drawn to the calmness of the creek, where as just a few weeks ago, it was bustling with kids skipping rocks, a group of ducks swimming and a heron fishing. 


So why do I share this? Perhaps it's because I am grateful for the reminder of slowing down. Being present, enjoying this moment. Perhaps it's because I wonder if you can relate? Or perhaps I wonder if you too, have discovered "The Gift Of Slow"?

I invite you to slow down and see what you notice!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change