The life-giving power of DREAMS


What is it about dreams that is so powerful? I think that very few things in life give us that inner motivation like God-given dreams can. Dreams of things one wants to do, to accomplish, to see come to fruition. Dreams that are aligned with our unique design and purpose; dreams that bring us great joy and fulfillment. Dreams that call us to do things that we were specifically created to it. Dreams that are as unique and as specific as one's fingerprint.

What happens when we live in a way that holds those dreams in front of us? What about when dreams are forgotten, buried, left aside? What happens to that soul?

Since Dad died 2 years ago today, I have spent much time healing. I used tools like counselling, inner healing, prayer, journalling, coaching, reflecting. My story has become a way for me to make sense of my memories and find my way. The story that I tell myself is in the end, the story that stays alive. Lately, I have been shifting my perspective, seeing my life events in a different light and have been able to focus on the story of a man with a dream. This shift has helped me unblock my way forward. Dad was a man with a dream. For a while, he lived that dream, he tasted it, he breathed it, and it invigorated him. It allowed Dad to be who he was made to be. It may not have been everybody's cup of tea, but to Dad, it was fuel to his life. When the dream ended, things changed for Dad, and for all those around him.

This leads me to believe in the life-giving power of dreams. Living from a place of intention, authenticity and truth includes keeping dreams in front of us. Daring to dream keeps us full of life, and in a place of liberty, freedom and exhilaration. 

I learned 2 main great things from Dad:

1. Living your dream allows you to function according to your best design & purpose

2. Channeling your passion and drive causes you to run after your dreams

As I reflect on the seasons of Dad's life, and therefore on mine, today I choose to be reminded of the man with the contagious smile who lived his dream, even for a brief season. 

I am challenged to be brave, dig up some of my dreams and keep them in front of me. I am encouraged to quiet myself long enough to hear the whisper of truth cheering me on to dream again. I am invited to be full of joy, excitement and expectancy.

Because I am alive and I can dream!

What about you? Are you dreaming? How are dreams fuelling your life? Is it time to dream again?


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change

Photos above, from left to right: Dad & I; Dad as the General Director of Soccer for the 1976 Montreal Olympics; Dad & Pelé, the Brazilian professional footballer. Photos belong to my family and may not be used without permission.