Designing your life at home

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What is most important to you?


My home decor has evolved over time, reflecting my moods, the changes in my family's needs and our stages of life. One thing that has been consistent is the "feeling" I want to experience at home, not only for me and my family, but for each person who walks through my doors.

Living spaces matter for life at home


Our living spaces profoundly affect us - our body, mind, emotions, mood, habits and perception. Deciding ahead of time HOW we want to feel in our living spaces will determine how we fill them and which design elements we use. 

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I wanted to create a beautiful haven for comfort, rest and peace. I wanted to rejuvenate in a space that fuelled my passion for life while reflecting who I am, what I love & value. 

Pure Simple Change - green decor.jpg

Life-giving colour


Infusing my space with green-based accents creates an environment that supports my goals. The colour green offers the optimism of yellow and the calmness of blue.  Sprinkled throughout my home, these dashes of green evoke life and feelings of great joy, hope and possibilities.


Desire for wellness


Variations of green - ranging from the most harmonious teals to the lively chartreuse greens - are associated with creating spaces for living that are fresh! They invite growth and renewal, along with  promoting relaxation and rest. Surrounded my those colours, I enjoy a sense of wellbeing at home.


Simplicity is getting back to how you want to live & intentionally designing your life at home!

How do you want to feel at home? What is your first step to getting there?