Attentes et intentions ne font pas bon ménage!

Depuis des années, je mets énormément d'importance sur les plaisirs épicuriens qui viennent de "la vie à table". Une bonne bouffe, un bon verre de vin rouge, un café fort, des gens que j'aiment et beaucoup de rires. 

Il se trouve aussi que certaines choses qui m'ennuient sont rapidement montées à la surface. Par exemple,...

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Garden Weeds

How can it be that this beautiful, mystical plant is actually a weed, hoping a little person will blow its seeds all over the garden?! Has this weed ever infested your garden? Just recently, I discovered a nasty weed in my garden. My weed was producing fruits like anxiety, stress, worry. If I was honest, I would even say..

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He always just held my hand - the gift of being present

The first time I met him, he held my hand.  During one of my darkest nights, when my Dad died, he held my hand.  The last time I saw him, he simply held my hand.  The gift of being fully present is one he freely gave me.

When was the last time...

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The Blue Velvet Chair

- A Story About The Pursuit Of Truth -

Anne and I met after she had inherited her Grandmother’s house. It was a beautiful character home, with fine furnishings and lush draperies and located in her city’s finest neighborhood sitting on a over sized piece of land surrounded by English gardens and majestic Garry oaks. Anne loved the home, but she mostly loved...

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The Polka Dot Pyjamas

I started my training as a Professional Life Coach last fall, through ICA.  This has been such a learning and growing journey for me on so many levels, and I have enjoyed very minute of it!  One of the things it challenged me to do was to look at...

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Simply Peace

It was 12 years ago today that I was happily driving home from picking up some supplies for my brother's birthday when another vehicle hit me.  I was just a few weeks pregnant with my firstborn Evan.  The young man who hit me was drunk, very very drunk.  And in the blink of an eye...

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The 3 Very Best Things To Declutter Today

All of us have been given the same gift: this life.  How we choose to live today will determine our tomorrow.  We are all on a journey, with a path straight in front of us.  Perhaps your path is...

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