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What my clients say

Sarah is a powerful coach. Having worked with her regularly I never cease to come away from our sessions with new insight and awareness as well as intense respect for her high quality coaching skills. Sarah’s coaching style peels back the layers and digs deep to find the real issues - this approach is the foundation for positive and lasting change. Sarah’s coaching has and continues to make an impact on my life and I truly value our partnership; I would not hesitate in recommending her. - June, England, UK

Sarah has this amazing ability to provide a space that just let's me trust her, trust myself, trust the process and so much more. She’s a partner that won’t tell me what to do, won’t judge me for what I’m thinking, yet listens and asks thought provoking questions that have brought shifts in my thought process, awareness to my actions and success to my inner challenges. I’m always in a better mood after my sessions with Sarah! - Inger, California, USA


Sarah is very supportive and creates a safe place to explore and clarify goals, issues, and wants. What I really loved about her style in particular is two things: her ability to help me make things more concrete by using a physical analogy to embody and therefore get a better handle on what emotion I was feeling and what weight it had; and second, how well she listens. She noticed changes in energy level while speaking; what things sounded important to me; and what things to go deeper into to gain great insight. - Keara, Florida, USA

Having coaching with Sarah it's an opportunity to look at your life in a different perspective, feeling the support of a really trustful partner. - Ana, Lisbon, Portugal


I was extremely fortunate to be coached by Sarah during my time at the International Coach Academy. She is an intuitive and encouraging life coach and has a gentle yet savvy style which always led her to pin point the perfect moments in our sessions to bring clarity to whatever conundrum had me bogged down or baffled that day. I always left our sessions feeling refreshed, reenergized and extremely motivated to tackle previously daunting situations. - Sam, New York, USA

Sarah is a very happy and positive person and spreads the same cheer and energy in her sessions. It was great going through my first ever coaching journey with Sarah. She helped me on my way forward with her powerful questioning skills, patience and active listening. Sarah, "I was looking for where to go from here. You helped me find it.” Thank you for being an amazing coach. - Enma, Chandigarth, India


Working with Sarah is always a bright spot in my day! She does a stellar job at helping me to slow down, pull my scattered thoughts together and identify the simple themes I'm overlooking. - Marla, Kansas City, USA


Témoignages de coaching en français

J'ai eu la chance de rencontrer Sarah à travers l'ICA, notre école de formation au coaching. Sarah souhaitais pratiquer en français et moi apprendre d'une personne déjà diplômée et expérimentée. Très rapidement les choses ont coulé de source entre nous, une belle connexion permettant un travail d'équipe formidable. Mais aussi une relation d'égale à égale, légère, simple et tellement vraie! Cela m'a vraiment conforté sur la voie du coaching comme une approche d'accompagnement fantastique, comme une recette de "mieux-être" "bien-être" dont les ingrédients sont déjà en nous. Au travers de nos séances de coaching, Sarah m'a permis de retrouver un état de sérénité et de confiance. J'ai pu écouter ma voix intérieure, avancer avec légèreté sur mon chemin de vie personnel et aussi dans mon parcours de futur coach. Son authenticité, sa douceur et son côté très maternant, combiné avec son sourire communicatif et son énergie solaire m'ont permis de faire des grands pas sur mon cheminement. Je citerais en particulier cette faculté incroyable de me permettre de m'ouvrir totalement, allant au cœur du sujet, et permettant alors de débloquer rapidement le / les nœuds. Un grand merci à toi Sarah, je me sens vraiment apaisée et plus ancrée pour la route qui m'attend. Je sais aussi que j'ai trouvé avec toi un ange qui veillera toujours à ce que je ne perde pas de vue ces belles choses... - Chrysline, Rolle, Suisse

I completed my coach training with International Coach Academy (ICA). 

What my mentors say

Sarah comes to each coaching session with an open heart and a commitment to drawing the most from her client. Her thought provoking questions; deep, centered listening; and beautiful presence encourages her clients to dive into themselves to figure out just what they need to create their amazing life. Sarah gives her best to support her clients to be their best." - Lorna Poole, PCC, Coach | Trainer | Mentor Coach | Instructor International Coach Academy, Ontario, Canada

Sarah is a natural born coach. She connects easily to her clients – giving them space to explore their possibilities and confidence to look at themselves as creative and resourceful. Sarah keeps things simple with stunning results." - Merci Miglino, MCC | Training Director (General Programs) International Coach Academy, New York, USA

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I choose to stay closely connected with ICA as they are a leader in coach training. ICA has published my course outcomes, blog posts and a recording of my participation in their live panel.


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