Redesign Package

For Sellers & Realtors



What It Is

This service provides effective and simple ways to best showcase the features of your home and create welcoming spaces for potential buyers! It's budget friendly and practical, as it repurposes existing pieces of furniture and decor (what you already have) to transform your living space into what a buyer is looking for!

This is a 2 hour in-home consultation which evaluates all aspects of your home.  

Extra time may be added at the hourly rate, if needed (depending on the size of the home, # of rooms, etc).
Travel time to properties outside of Airdrie will be subject to a fee of $50 per hour.

During the consultation, we bring to light any spaces which may need redesign, repair, upgrading, organizing, along with any areas of concern including paint colours. We discuss organization strategies and tips to support this process!

The client receives a detailed list of what needs to be done in each room for them to implement at their own convenience.

A Few Considerations

As a trained and Certified Professional Interior Decorator and Life Coach, Sarah's approach is supportive, practical, non judgemental and effective. As we all share the same goal of having the home sell for the best price in the shortest amount of time, Sarah's heightened communication skills allow the redesign process to be done with the best possible outcome!  Sarah approaches sensitive issues (cleanliness, pets, odours, etc) with tact, and leaves the homeowner feeling clear on what needs to be done to make their home welcoming to buyers. $250 + travel fees outside of Airdrie