The Home Vintner - making liquid gold


I love each season for the gifts they give us! Fall always inspires me with the crisp, fresh air, the warm sunny afternoons and the changing landscape and colours.  Last fall, I started taking advantage of the crops on our trees! Crab apples galore mean crab apple jelly and crab apple liqueur - LIQUID GOLD! I got all my supplies- bottles, corks and bottle corker from The Home Vintner on Main Street!



Here is the recipe I use for this LIQUID GOLD, that just happens to be ready right on time for Christmas, and looks fabulous with its rich red colour! I am thinking that this will make some very sweet teachers' gifts! Cheers!

Crab Apple Liqueur

  • 4 Quarts of prepared crab apples - washed, cored and quartered (since 1 quart is 4 cups, that is 16 cups of prepared apples)
  • 4 c sugar
  • 1 bottle of Vodka - 750ml

Mix vodka, sugar and apples together. Pour into large Mason jars. Close tightly. Store the jars on their side and turn once a day for 16 days. 4 quarts of prepared apples/sugar/vodka will fill 2 large Mason jars (like the ones in my picture)

After the 16 days, filter, filter, filter with clean cheese cloths. The clearer you can get the liqueur by filtering, the reddest your liqueur will be, free of much sediments at the bottom.

I bought the glass bottles and cork from the Home Vintner, and rented the bottle corker to seal the bottles.

Store the sealed liqueur bottles in a dark, cool place and by Christmas, you have LIQUID GOLD!!!!  Enjoy!


Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change