Unlocking the greatness in you!


Pure Simple Change is a sanctuary for women who are passionate about living well. 

You are a beautiful woman who wants fulfillment, claritypurpose - welcome! You are in the right place!

I'm Sarah Creek; I am a Certified Professional Coach. 



I support women who are overwhelmed and are unable to experience life to the fullest.

I help them simplify what is overwhelming and unlock their greatness!

Because I've been there.



- m y  s t o r y -

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For years, I felt I had to justify who I was, what was important to me, what was "right" for me. I made choices to please others, choices that I thought I "should" make. 

I had fallen in the trap of looking outside of myself for the answers.

I had valued others' opinions and succumbed to their expectations. I tried perfection and was bothered if I disappointed others. At times, I ignored what I wanted, and this led me away from my path. I knew it but I felt trapped as if I had no choice. Obviously, I was listening to the wrong voice. 

The truth is that I had greatness inside me, waiting to be unlocked & expressed! I decided to simplify and change; you can too!

I took a "wholeness" approach for each area of my life, and began designing a life through simplicity. I want to help you do the same, through Simplicity Life Coaching!



- W h y   S i m p l i c i t y   m a t t e r s -

Pure Simple Change

Simplicity is...

A value for wellbeing | peace | purpose

A strategy & a tool for being | living | making choices

A lifestyle - for your life, soul & home


Simplicity in...

Your LIFE means that you find your unique purpose.

Your SOUL means you live according to who you are created to be.

Your HOME means that by simplifying your material world, you create space for what matters most to you.

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Simplicity is a fundamental block of great design for you | your life | your home.



- m y   u n i q u e   a p p r o a c h  &  s t y l e - 

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Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching

I coach from the heart and invite you to look at the heart of the topics you bring to our meaningful conversations. I favour a coaching style that is simple, deep and transformational.

I am warm, supportive, flexible, encouraging, and thought provoking. My services combine ethical practices to the ICF Code of Ethics, as well as my personal authentic and genuine style.

I honour your one-of-a-kind design & find great joy in being part of the profound change, learning and growing that the coaching process offers.


Some clients choose to include spiritual care as part of their life coaching journey, some don't. For those who do, my spiritual practices and beliefs are rooted in Christian teaching & faith, although I welcome people of all faith backgrounds. My most sincere desire is that through my services, you will be blessed!



- G r e a t n e s s   s t o r i e s -

Pure Simple Change

"Sarah is a powerful coach. Having worked with her regularly I never cease to come away from our sessions with new insight and awareness as well as an intense respect for her high quality coaching skills. Sarah's coaching style peels back the layers and digs deep to find the real issues - this approach is the foundation for positive and lasting change. Sarah's coaching has and continues to make an impact on my life and I truly value our partnership - I would not hesitate in recommending her." - June Hogan, England, UK

"Sarah is very supportive and creates a safe place to explore and clarify goals, issues, and wants. What I really loved about her style in particular is two things: her ability to help me make things more concrete by using a physical analogy to embody and therefore get a better handle on what emotion I was feeling and what weight it had; and second, how well she listens. She noticed changes in energy level while speaking; what things sounded important to me; and what things to go deeper into to gain great insight.", - Keara Wright, Florida, USA

"Sarah has this amazing ability to provide a space that just let's me trust her, trust myself, trust the process and so much more. She’s a partner that won’t tell me what to do, won’t judge me for what I’m thinking, yet listens and asks thought provoking questions that have brought shifts in my thought process, awareness to my actions and success to my inner challenges. I’m always in a better mood after my sessions with Sarah!' - Inger Norman, California, USA