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Pure Simple Change

Hello! I'm Sarah Creek! I am married to Hamish, and I am the blessed Maman to Evan & Brandon. We love spending time together as a family and creating memories along the way.  

I am passionate, organized, creative, faithful. I can often be found sipping coffee, cooking, people gathering and feeding, gardening and journaling. I have a ridiculously loud cheer when I watch my boys play sports, a contagious laugh and a need for beauty.


I love and appreciate the simple, beautiful things in life: life with my husband, watching my children grow, the smell of coffee first thing in the morning, big blue skies, watching birds at the feeder, afternoons at home with my family, snow capped mountains. 

I am a Certified Professional Coach (ACC accredited member of ICF), a Certified Early Childhood Educator & a Certified Interior Decorator.


I am also a dog lover! Here is Rusty, my faithful companion for beautiful walks. He is also always by side, keeping my feet warm during coaching sessions!

Pure Simple Change; Sarah Creek; Simplicity Life Coaching

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I love people. I love connecting and listening. I love creating space for curiosity, and I value partnership. I look for the gifts, talents and abilities that have been placed in each one and desire to see them come to the surface; I believe in digging for gold! I love to connect with destiny and purpose. I love bringing sparkling inspiration and become excited with fresh possibilities. I enjoy celebrating authenticity. All of this is why I love coaching!


I am a firm believer in continually positioning myself to grow, learn and change. This belief led me to take my Certified Professional Coach certification and to launch Pure Simple Change, as a sanctuary for women who are passionate about living well.

I have always been fascinated by the unique “one-of-a-kind design” of each human being and the greatness that has placed in each one. My passion for seeing people awakened to their true identity comes from a very personal journey of overcoming great obstacles and seeking truth. I have experienced first hand the freedom, rest and fruits of simply “being” who I have been created to be.

My most sincere desire is to see others step into this fullness through awareness, growth and change. That, to me, is simplicity and beauty from the inside out! I help women find their keys, unlock the greatness in them so that they may walk in peace, find their purpose and enjoy wellbeing.

Sarah Creek; Pure Simple Change